Fair Oak Cross Country Course Fences

Please click on links below to see a range of our fences as well as our recent additions. In most cases we will have three heights of each type of fence    and the approximate heights are Minimus = 70cm  2ft 3" , Novice = 84cm  2ft 9" and Open = 100cm  3ft 3"MM.  We also have around our front park a range of  Mini-Minimus fences at a height of = approx 55cm 1ft 9"


View an Album of  some of our fences
































   Trunks (M,N,O)                                              Trunks ( M,N,O)                                             Fallen Oak  ( M,N,O)




       Arrowheads ( M,N,O)                                       Arrowheads( M,N,O)                                       Ladder (M, N, O)



          Ladder                                                       Ditch with Upright (M, N, O)                               Ditch with Upright (M, N, O)                             




             Ditch Part B (N, O)                                   Ditch Part B Side Angle (N, O)                               Ditch Alternative fence




       Wall Drop (M,N)                                                   Railed Wall (N)                                           Bank  (N)




         Logged Trunk (N)                                                 Trunk( N)                                                  Spread (N,O)



            Sloping Cut Logs (N)                                          Cut Log  (N)                                               Hanging Log



         Slats (MM, M, N, O)                                          Slats (MM, M, N, O)                                 Barrels with top Rail (M, N, O)







     Palisade (N)                                                                Sawn Log Spread (O)                                Sawn Log Spread (O)                  




    Open Post and Rail  (O)                                                 Sleepers ( N)                                                  Vault Open



Diamonds -Open fence                                                         Oak Open Class                                                    Sawn Logs Minimus




Novice Brush after Water                                                              Novice House                                             Water Complex with additional Jumps around it.








    Open Palisade 1000mm                                                                                                 Stilts Open 1000mm



      Open Log Basket 1000mm                                                      Open Half Barrel 1000mm                                 House Novice



Brush after water Novice




See an Album of our fences

Our water complexes

Map of our course with approximate heights to each fence



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